Recognized as a best claims administrator by The Recorder, The New York Law Journal and
The National Law Journal, we have earned the trust and confidence of our clients with
our track record as a highly-responsive partner.

Our Strength

KCC is an industry leader in class action settlement administration in the US, Canada, and Europe. We administer claims processes and distribute funds in a vast array of varying matters, ranging from small and simple settlements to multi-year complex settlements involving millions of claimants globally.

KCC has administered over 7,200 class action matters and handled thousands of distribution engagements in other contexts as well. Our scalable call centers handle hundreds of thousands of calls each year. Our global infrastructure can open and scan thousands of claims in a single day, and we have document production capabilities that print and mail millions of documents annually. Last year, our disbursement services team distributed more than $1.6 billion (USD) across four million class payments.

KCC has one of the largest infrastructures in the class action industry, and is backed by superior data security, call center support and technology. KCC has a highly experienced team with decades of experience managing some of the most complex engagements.

As one of the only claims administrators to adhere to the auditing standards outlined in AT Section 101, our proprietary technology and data-handling processes set the industry standard for security, cost efficiency and quality.