​​KCC creates a higher standard for our industry by focusing on clients’ needs from the perspective of professionals. Our team provides professional-level client service, industry expertise and innovative technology solutions to support your critical business processes and transactions. As a result, we have earned national and industry recognition for our services, leadership, innovative business model and company growth.


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KCC Advantages

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    We have been and continue to be appointed as the administration expert for some of the largest cases. Our teams bring unrivaled knowledge and experience to our work and your case.

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    We understand privacy and security are core aspects of the service we provide. Our focus on data integrity, privacy and data protection ensures that your information is secure.

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    We provide our clients with a hands-on approach starting at the inception of each new matter.

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    We believe in forward thinking. Our team has pioneered the use of advanced technology for solutions that drive efficiency and best practices for each engagement.

Meet our Strategic Capital Partner

GCP Capital Partners

GCP Capital manages North American private equity funds that have invested approximately $1.3 billion in approximately 60 portfolio companies. Since 2000, GCP’s realized investments have generated over $2.5 billion in proceeds. Fourteen of GCP’s portfolio companies have gone public after GCP’s investment. The funds primarily make investments in the tech-enabled business services and financial services/technology industries. GCP generally makes controlling or influential minority investments of $10 to $50 million in companies with enterprise values of $25 to $250 million.

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