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Featured Cases

​KCC has administered more than 6,500 cases across many different verticles including: consumer, antitrust, securities, financial services, government, manufacturing, mass and toxic tort, labor and employment, retail and telecommunications. Below are some of our featured cases. For information on our case history, please contact us.

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    Steinhoff Global Settlement

    (Є 612 million) The Steinhoff global settlement concludes separate legal actions initiated in South Africa and the Netherlands. As the administrator, we must support both actions, and the relevant parties, with work performed across 3 continents. To facilitate the efficiency and data security of the administration, we have driven all aspects of the settlement, from notice to claims filings to distribution, through electronic channels and utilizing our operational and client service centers in South Africa, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Notably, no paper claims have been sent or received, and distributions to eligible claimants will be in EURO, ZAR and/or company shares. With operations throughout Europe, Africa and North America, we are uniquely positioned to perform this service and our expertise in complex and international matters is unmatched.

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    The Fortis collective action administration represents the first one under the new legal regime in Holland. It’s the largest settlement in Europe by nearly four times with an anticipated compensation of some €1.3 Billion. During the Administration we facilitated one of the largest notice campaigns across the world in over 70 languages and processed claims in Dutch, French and English demonstrating our global reach and ability to scale across global markets in a variety of languages. Over 300,000 claims were submitted and processed resulting in 19 rolling distributions prior to finalization of the Settlement.

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    Volkswagen/Audi 2.0-Litre and Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche 3.0-Litre Diesel Emissions Settlement, Canada

    ($2.1 billion & $290.5 million) VW diesel emissions was the most unique consumer settlement of its time in terms of options available to class members, notable; (1) surrender vehicle for cash, (2) obtain a trade-in credit towards a replacement vehicle or (3) vehicle repair. The administrative process allowed for class members to schedule appointments with VW dealers to complete the settlement transaction and worked with transportation ministries on ownership changes. In total, over 110,000 claims received payment and 65,500 vehicles were surrendered under the settlement.