Introducing a simple yet powerful software designed to streamline all aspects of chapter 7 case management.

Our cloud-based case administration platform marries industry-leading technology with unmatched accuracy, productivity, and customer service.

Meet the KCC TFS Platform

  • tfsaccessible

    Accessible Cloud-Based Platform

    Discover an easy-to-use software that is accessible 24/7 from any device, whether it’s Mac, PC, mobile or tablet.

  • tfssupport

    Industry-Leading Support

    Trusted, experienced, human – that’s the sort of support you deserve, and it’s what you get with KCC.

Built-in Features for Success

  • tfsmodule

    Intuitive 341 Module

    This built-in capability allows you to prepare, review, and conduct meetings from a wide range of devices, including most of those using Windows, OSX/iOS and Android operating systems. Our platform offers the ability to administer cases offline or live at 341a hearings.

  • tfsdocument

    Document Management Tools

    Optimize your workflow by taking advantage of an integrated document management system that works seamlessly with major word processing and document viewing programs.

  • tfsreporting

    Advanced Reporting Tools

    The KCC platform allows you to create custom reports quickly, without disrupting workflow.

Built with security in mind, so you can work confidently.

Your data is important, so don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to data security. Our cloud-based offering leverages industry-leading security technology to provide reliable protection for all of your case information.