We develop efficient solicitation procedures and processes once a Plan of Reorganization is proposed. After identifying appropriate members for each voting class, we works with debtor's counsel to coordinate the design, printing and mailing of solicitation materials and customized ballots, including USB flash drives and CD-ROMs.

KCC can provide all, or a combination of, the following services to suit your needs:
  • Develop efficient and effective solicitation procedures and processes
  • Identify appropriate members for each voting class in a manageable format for quick review
  • Create creditor-specific ballots, barcoded for automated linkage to ballot records upon return and distribute solicitation materials
  • Automated ballot tabulation for real-time reporting
  • Proprietary electronic solicitation platform, for creditors to vote online
    •  This platform has been used across many jurisdictions including Delaware and the Southern District of ​New York
  • Review ballots and certify voting results