KCC’s latest service offering is a UST compliant end-to-end software capable of managing the estate’s funds during all stages of your chapter 11 matter. We offer more A-rated UST-approved banking options than any other provider in the industry. KCC is set up to provide collateralization no matter the size of the deposit and we have developed software that produces automated UST required reporting.

Our experts in this field can ease your administrative burden of holding funds for:
  • DIP Accounts
  • 363 Sales
  • Distribution Accounts
  • Liquidating Trusts 
  • Professional Fee Escrows
  • Sub-Chapter V
  • Receiverships
  • Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
  • Partition Referee Accounts

Our disbursement professionals facilitate creditor payments through our comprehensive disbursement platform. We can also assist with W-9 and W-8 tax reporting, ensuring compliance with IRS guidelines. Whether payment through checks, wires or other new and exciting electronic formats, our team devises a plan and schedule to efficiently administer creditor recoveries.