Official Committees

While the Bankruptcy Code’s Official Committee directives seek to promote open communication with interested parties, Committees look to KCC for time and cost-effective solutions that create transparency throughout the bankruptcy process.

We can support Official Committees and their professionals’ with the following:

Official Committee Website: Set-up a custom case website for Committee members and creditors to share case information, conduct two-way dialogue and access pertinent case documents.

Noticing: Distribute all necessary notices and other pleadings, including any and all motions filed by Committee professionals.

Call Center: Manage and respond to creditor inquiries (to the extent they do not require legal expertise) via a dedicated email or toll-free number staffed with knowledgeable case consultants.

Balloting & Solicitation Procedures: Develop efficient and effective solicitation procedures and processes (in the event the Committee proposes a Plan of Reorganization); create creditor-specific ballots and distribute solicitation materials; tabulate ballots and provide real-time reporting of voting results.

In addition, KCC can provide customized solutions to fit the evolving needs of today’s Official Committees.


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