Upon Plan confirmation, KCC facilitates creditor payments through its comprehensive Disbursement services. Whether payment checks or other payment arrangements, KCC's team devises a payment plan and schedule to expedite creditor recoveries.

Working with counsel and the debtor, consultants coordinate the disbursement of proceeds to creditors by developing a sound approach to the payment process. The team opens and controls bank accounts to effectively manage all proceeds to be distributed while calculating the appropriate distribution for each member of a particular voting class.

KCC monitors all distributions made, including the party to whom payments are made, the address to which payments are sent and the amounts paid to each creditor. Through KCC's reconciliation system, clients can receive regular reports of payment activity.

Upon plan confirmation, KCC helps execute the disbursement process. KCC can:

  • Set-up bank accounts with financial institutions
  • Facilitate and reconcile the disbursement process
  • Provide audited documentation for tax purposes

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