Claims Administration

The claims process is perhaps the most complex administrative aspect of any corporate restructuring case. For this reason, we specifically designed technology solutions and services in response to industry demand for secure and cost-effective ways to facilitate the claims administration process.

In every case, a claims database must be created and maintained to easily capture all claims filed by creditors and/or listed in the company’s Schedules of Assets and Liabilities. Our proprietary database system, KCC CaseView, enables us to efficiently design, maintain and administer claims related to a case including claims submitted via our electronic proof of claims platform.

KCC manages each step of the claims administration process. KCC works closely with you to:

  • Distribute and process customized claim forms with creditor-specific information
  • Process electronically submitted claims
  • Assist with the claims reconciliation process
  • Monitor claim transfers and submit activity reports and records
  • Track claim objections and maintain official claim registers


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