Continuing Education

Continuing Education Series

As frequent guest speakers and published authors, KCC team members present acclaimed continuing legal education-accredited programs at law firms and industry conferences on a variety of topics. Our presenters know first-hand the complexities of claims administration and understand the pressures legal and financial professionals encounter. Using real-world case studies KCC offers 60-minute interactive sessions to law firms, industry groups and professionals seeking to fulfill their State Bar continuing education compliance. For law firms, we offer to bring our CLE presentations in-house during lunch hours. We conduct a live complimentary presentation and provide lunch for those attending.


Representative Seminars

Learn about the key players and the Chapter 11 process through the lens of a high-profile restructuring case.
Learn the basics about public securities in a chapter 11 bankruptcy in this introductory course.
Gain insight into the complexities of the distribution of rights offerings to public securities holders during a Chapter 11 bankruptcy through real-world case studies.

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