Class Action

What We Do

Recognized as a best claims administrator by The Recorder, The New York Law Journal and The National Law Journal, KCC has earned the trust and confidence of our clients with our track record as a highly-responsive partner.

With experience administering over 6,500 settlements, KCC’s team knows first-hand the intricacies of class action settlement administration. Our domestic infrastructure includes call centers with over 1,200 seats, claims intake facilities that can open and scan 200,000 claims in a single day, and document production capabilities that print and mail millions of documents annually. Last year, our disbursement services team distributed over half a trillion dollars.

KCC’s parent company, Computershare, is a $6 billion dollar publicly-traded company which, among its many business lines, provides global financial services centering on communications with customers on behalf of our corporate clients. Computershare employs over 16,000 people and does business with more than 16,000 clients in more than 21 countries. KCC’s operations are regulated by federal agencies, including both the SEC and OCC. KCC has the largest infrastructure in the class action industry, and is backed by superior data security, call center support and technology. In addition to the immense resources and capabilities brought to bear through Computershare, KCC can execute all operations in-house with zero outsourcing; a capacity which allows for full quality control over each aspect of service.

As the only claims administrator to adhere to the auditing standards outlined in AT Section 101, KCC’s proprietary technology and data-handling processes set the industry standard for security, cost efficiency and quality.


    Today’s legal and financial professionals face multi-faceted challenges and require innovative solutions for their most complex corporate transactions. KCC’s unique professional-level services approach supports clients with an experienced team of consultants and industry specialists. To understand how KCC expertly facilitates corporate restructuring and class action matters through its administrative-support services, read client case studies and check out KCC’s representative client lists to see how hundreds of companies have relied upon KCC.


    KCC Insights provides timely and relevant information affecting the class action industry. Gain access to our knowledgeable experts for media interviews or speaking engagements, read about the latest industry trends and developments, and learn about the various CLE-accredited seminars KCC offers to law firms and industry groups.

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