Ethics in Legal Notification

Our judicially-recognized experts with more than 30 years of industry experience, provide a comprehensive look at the rules by which lawyers must abide to ensure their ethical responsibility is met in the creation and execution of legal notification plans for class action litigation.

To delve further into the topic of legal notification, the course will dive into:

  • Notice requirements outlined in Rule 23
  • Reasonable notice efforts in terms of reach, notice design and content,
  • Response time and ease for individual email, and media notice efforts.
  • Current industry trends and relevant case studie to ensure the course provides a tangible resource and concise direction on the ‘lays of lawyering’ surrounding legal notification


Representative Seminars

Learn about the settlement administration process through the lens of a class action case study. In addition, this presentation includes a review of recent Court decisions and trends affecting the class action market
This presentation provides an overview of legal notification and the ethical guidelines to follow when communicating with Class members. Notice communication requirements, notice design and reach will be reviewed with relevant case studies and current communication mediums.

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